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What We Do

We are a boutique travel & special event concierge specializing in the beautiful and majestic Yucatan Peninsula, also known as the Mayan Riviera.  We coordinate all aspects of your trip so you can enjoy the magic of the surroundings rather than worrying about the details! 

Lodging & Transportation

 We offer competitive rates for flights and lodging of any type including group discounts! From cabanas & villas to hotels & all-inclusive resorts, we've got the perfect space to accommodate you

Excursions / Day Trips

The Mayan Riviera is widely known as one of the best places in the world for adventure and eco travel. Whether you want to tour the city, explore the jungle or sail the ocean blue, we have the perfect adventure for you

Weddings & Group Events

A pre-hispanic Mayan ceremony is a unique and emotional experience you will never forget.  The power of the surroundings and the ancient rituals you participate in create an everlasting bond that will last a lifetime 

Why Choose Us As Your Travel Partner?

We are your complete vacation coordinators!   

Whether you stay at an all-inclusive resort or a private condo, coordinating your transportation and daily activities is time consuming. Why spend your precious vacation time sweating the details?

Let us help make your dream vacation a reality!

Why Choose Us?