A Mayan wedding is a symbolic ceremony, which calls upon ancient Mayan traditions to unite the bride and groom through an exchange of vows and rites. A uniquely deep and sacred wedding that will create a bond between the bride and groom that will last a lifetime

Ancestral Mayan Weddings

Powerful Rituals in a Breathtaking Environment

Pre-Hispanic Mayan weddings named "Nenamictiliztli" in Nahuatl, celebrate the agreement between 2 people to share and give continuity to life by living, loving and discovering the other.

It is an offer and a presentation to Mother Earth, the Universe and the Natural World.  The shaman and her rituals create an atmosphere and experience expressed through a ceremony that is hard to forget

Cleansing Temezcal Ceremony

Cleanse your body & soul before your special wedding ceremony

Offerings of Forgiveness 

Practical tools for your continued success based on ancient principles​​​​​​​

Offerings of Sustenance

A commitment to ​​​​​​​the eternal care of your spouse's needs 

Guest Participation

Your guests are engaged with you in ceremony, and make commitments of their own

Simple Guide to Proper Planning

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Group Events & Travel

If you're looking for a group experience either business or personal, we can safely accommodate groups of 20 or more.  Our staff & venue hosts take every precaution necessary to ensure the wellbeing of our guests

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